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Century Software, an 18-year veteran in the software industry, has developed core technologies for the new and fast paced embedded Linux industry. These technologies include: a graphical development environment; customized Internet browsers and HTML viewers; multimedia, including MP3 audio players and MPEG video viewers; and a PDA development suite. These core technologies were designed specifically to allow both hardware designers and their customers to use either a small footprint graphical API (Nano-X), or the larger and more complex X Window system, while maintaining compatibility with upper-level applications. Our technologies center around two core open source projects, Nano-X and ViewML.

Our leadership in graphical technologies for embedded systems starts with our company CEO Gregory Haerr, who founded both projects. The Nano-X Project brings features found in modern graphical windowing systems to the embedded programming community. The ViewML Project is the embedded industry's first small footprint, free open-source web browser specifically targeted towards the unique requirements of embedded Linux systems. Nano-X is a superior alternative to the X Window system for many embedded applications. Rather than taking the X Window System, a sizable desktop-oriented application that relies on large amounts of RAM and disk space, and attempting to shrink it down to fit in an embedded environment, Nano-X was designed from the beginning specifically for embedded devices and their unique requirements. This provides a small, compact graphical runtime environment that is less complicated for creating custom applications and drivers, which is essential in today's embedded market.

Our Linux-based technologies for graphical applications, small footprint applications framework, and multimedia technologies allows applications to be designed, prototyped, emulated and tested for the target device on the Linux desktop, enabling concurrent development with the hardware design and manufacturing process.

We believe that in a truly embedded systems, targeting the smallest system and then moving upwards allows creating the optimized embedded solutions. This combined with our core technologies allows our customers to deliver the most cost-effective products in least time-to-market.

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