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GPL Download Page

GNU General Public License

The GNU General Public License (GPL) governs the use of all software available for download on this page. Downloading any of the packages found on this page constitutes your agreement to be bound to all terms and conditions of the GPL.

PIXIL Developer Mailing List

The PIXIL developer mailing list is your best resource for questions regarding PIXIL development. This mailing list is targeted at software engineers, programmers, device manufacturers, developer licensee's, and others who are interested in detailed architecture information and highly technical dialogs pertaining to PIXIL development.

If you haven't already, be sure to join the PIXIL-DEVEL mailing list.

GPL Software Distributions

PIXIL, FLNX, ViewML, and other software components are available from Century's anonymous FTP website. When prompted, enter "anonymous" for the username and your email address for the password.

The README file will contain the latest information concerning available software components, modules, packages, tools, utilities, and third-party contributions.

The very latest version of PIXIL is available by downloading pixil-latest.tar.gz

Click here to access Century's public FTP site.

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