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PIXIL Software Components

The PIXIL Operating Environment is the baseline PIXIL application that acts as a foundation for launching and managing other PIXIL applications, such as the PIXIL PIM suite. It includes the PIXIL screentop, handwriting recognition, on-screen keyboard, touch-screen calibrator, time/date manager, power manager, user personalization, and other GUI-based system utiilities.

The PIXIL PIM Suite is a set of PDA applications designed to operate seamlessly with the PIXIL Operating Environment. The PIM Suite includes an address book, personal scheduler, to-do list, notes, and a calculator.

Nano-X is the graphical windowing standard for embedded Linux devices. It is an open-source project that brings many of the features of modern graphical windowing systems to the embedded programming community. It has a small memory footprint and minimal disk requirements, making it ideal for hundreds of embedded graphical applications.

FLNX is a customized version of FLTK, the Fasst Light Toolkit, which has been optimized for use with Nano-X. FLNX contains a library of graphical widgets, buttons, knobs, sliders, edit boxes, and other controls that provide a robust toolkit for embedded programmers to develop customized graphical interfaces for any embedded application.

ViewML is the world's first small-footprint web browser designed for embedded device applications. It's tiny storage footprint (~1Mb) and runtime memory requirements (~4Mb) makes this HTML 3.2-compliant web browser the perfect choice for wireless devices, PDA's, and portable tablets. It's also the ideal GUI for use in embedded control systems like elevators, vending machines, and automobile displays.

White Papers

Overview of Linux for the Embedded Application Developer
Author: Gregory Haerr, CEO, Century Software, Inc.Pages: 8
Download Word Document (59 K)

The ViewML Project - The Design and Evolution of the ViewML Internet Browser for Embedded Linux
Author: Gregory Haerr, CEO, Century Software, Inc.Pages: 4
Download Word Document (47 K)


PIXIL Family Brochure
This brochure describes PIXIL, a complete, commercial-ready operating environment for smart flatpanel devices.
Pages: 4Version: 1.1Date: 01 August 2001
Download Document Download PDF Document (292 K)

PIXIL Thin Client
This brochure describes the PIXIL thin-client solution.
Pages: 2Version: 1.0Date: 01 August 2001
Download Document Download PDF Document (124 K)

National Semiconductor WebPAD™ Brochure
This brochure describes the WebPAD Operating Environment and Development Toolkit.
Pages: 2Version: 1.1Date: 13 August 2001
Download Document Download PDF Document (8,477 K)

ViewML Brochure
This brochure describes the ViewML™ web browser family.
Pages: 2Version: 1.0Date:
Download Document Download PDF Document (631 K)

Nano-X Brochure
This brochure describes the Nano-X graphical windowing environment for embedded Linux.
Pages: 1Version: 1.0Date:
Download Document Download PDF Document (43 K)

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The complete PIXIL frequently asked questions (FAQ) page can be found here.

PIXIL Contact Information

If you have questions concerning PIXIL, please contact:

Century Software, Inc.
Phone: +1.801.268.3088
Fax: +1.801.268.2772
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