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PIXIL is licensed to organizations and individuals using either the Century Commercial License (CCL) or the GNU General Public License (GPL). Which license is applicable depends on how the software will be used.

Century Commercial License (CCL)

Individuals or organizations that wish to use PIXIL components in their products must license the commercial version of PIXIL using the CCL. Under this commercial license, a PIXIL Developer License must be purchased for each developer on a "per-seat" basis. Once an organization begins shipping PIXIL products, a PIXIL Runtime License must be purchased for each PIXIL device shipped.

Century Evaluation License (CEL)

Individuals or organizations that wish to evaluate PIXIL before committing to a commercial license may do so using the CEL license. This license provides full access to our commercial software products for evaluation, testing, and source code examination.

Valid contact information must be supplied to qualify for an evaluation license.

GNU General Public License (GPL)

PIXIL is also available to individuals and organizations under the GPL license.

The GPL allows PIXIL to be freely used and distributed, as long as any changes made to PIXIL are made freely available, full PIXIL source-code is included or made available for all products, and all Century Software and PIXIL copyrights and trademarks are left intact.

For more information and complete licensing requirements on the GPL, see the Free Software Foundation website. Century Software has also posted a copy of the GNU General Public License for your reference.
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