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PIXIL Overview
PIXIL Components
PIXIL Developer License
PIXIL Runtime License
PIXIL Platform Availability

PIXIL Overview

PIXIL provides a complete suite of commercial-ready embedded software solutions for advanced Internet appliances. PIXIL combines a graphical windowing environment, widget set, operating environment, and numerous applications into a tightly integrated collection built on the open standards of embedded Linux.

PIXIL is licensed in two ways. Developers wishing to port PIXIL to a new target device or create/modify applications need to acquire a PIXIL Developer License. Manufacturers that choose to include PIXIL in their embedded products need to purchase PIXIL runtime licenses for the devices they ship.

PIXIL Components

PIXIL includes the following components, which have been carefully integrated together to form a robust and highly flexible embedded Linux solution:
  • Nano-X, a small-footprint windowing and GUI environment designed specifically for embedded Linux devices.
  • FLNX, a collection of GUI controls, buttons, sliders, dialog boxes, and other "widgets" required for developing GUI applications.
  • The PIXIL Operating Environment, the baseline PIXIL application that acts as a foundation for developing all other PIXIL applications. Includes the PIXIL screentop, handwriting recognition, on-screen keyboard, touch-screen calibrator, time/date manager, power manager, user personalization, and other GUI-based system utiilities.
  • ViewML, the world's first small-footprint HTML 3.2-compliant web browser.
  • PIXIL PIM Suite, a set of PDA applications including an address book, scheduler, to-do list, notes, and a calculator.
To see examples of these integrated PIXIL components working together, visit the screenshots page.

PIXIL Developer License

When you purchase a PIXIL developer license, you'll receive all the tools, libraries, source code and documentation needed to create new PIXIL applications or modify and enhance existing ones. You can change the look and feel of the existing screentop, and create custom applications that seamlessly integrate into the PIXIL environment.

Your PIXIL developer license also includes a software emulator that simulates the target device runtime environment. This enables developers to create, test, and execute applications on the desktop development platform without having the actual target device available. Development time will be reduced because software and hardware engineering can occur in parallel.

Your PIXIL developer license will include:
  • Authorization and software licenses for a single developer
  • Full source code and a complete makefile/build environment
  • All runtime binaries
  • A complete development tool chain for ARM processor targets
  • Desktop development emulator for target platform
  • FLNX 2D, 3D, TV widget set
  • Email, website, and telephone support
  • Complete documentation
PIXIL developer licenses may be purchased through our online store

PIXIL Runtime License

If you wish to deploy PIXIL in your commercial product, you will need to acquire a PIXIL runtime license for each device sold. These runtime licenses are sold in unit-blocks of 100 or more, and are a very inexpensive and cost-effective way of saving man-years of software development time and shaving months off your time-to-market.

PIXIL runtime licenses may be purchased through our online store

PIXIL Platform Availability

The basic PIXIL developer license includes the following target devices:
  • Compaq iPAQ
  • Intel Assabet
  • Applied Data Systems Graphics Client Plus
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